Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle

Yesterday I saw
All those ships on the horizon
Their wooden bodies
Like ancient living creatures
The sea in glorious waves
That sounded like drums
But now I see
The ships were only clouds
The sea was just the sky
And I was not awaken
But dreaming

Fountain Of Jade

I'd like to be made
Of earth
Instead of this flesh

Remade in the fire
Of my daily agitation
I am strong
But not enough
But not enough

It seems
The only things I have
In an adequate quantity
Are unsaid words
Not excusable mistakes
And sleepless nights

I'd like to be made from earth
And perhaps
I could bathe in the waters
From you fountain of jade

For G.

The Final Cut

If we could only wake up without this question in our minds everyday : what will be made of my life? And if we only had a clue of the answer...But we haven't it.

Red and Black, Black and Red
Why these colours make me sad?
Black and Red and Red and Black
Blood and Shadows at my back


Root Mean Square

There are days I'd like to be in another place and time. Most of days I must say. There are days I feel tired. Tired in a strange way. It's a kind of awaken sleep, something like a state of waiting. In this state I can feel every second passing through me. I feel old and in a way I know there something I must have done (what ?) but I didn't ( why?) and the time is running out. We never know, actually, where to go. So why do we keep on going?

I don't know...Perhaps it's time for some "mental medication".

For a certain time this one was a piece full of colours, shinning blues and things like this. Someday I realised that colours was too much...coloured! This new version is darker and a little more...humm...serious. Whatever! Here it is and I like it more now.


We run again.As the years grow old and the days leave.We run fast and then faster only to see our footprints being erased behind us. There is this race towards another tomorrow again and again and for what? We spin down into storms of days of fever and sleepless nights.Seconds like insects devouring our seasons of youth. Our seasons of youth.
Run, rabbit run...
I will stand still. Unanimated.
I will be absorbed.
No more running for me.


...The last wave of sanity
Rolls over my frequency
Skyline under water field
The depths above the high seas

A twilight house keeper
Dim-on dim-off now
A concrete cyclops
Blinking down his dull eye
Does this code signal
Something somewhere somehow?
Why me? It goes on and on and on

Please no
Too late for S.O.S.
Mute island, fish-eye view
Circling the border line
No resource, no rescue
I'm stranded, I'm otherwise
The error is perfect
Like this sub-effect
Of my mind."


Ground Transmission

Staring at the zenith below...
Sirius crosses my range of vision.
Transmission: This is...I am...EMERGENCY .
Status: not recognized.

In the original picture you could see an antenna in the background. I only saw it when I began working on the enlarged image. As you can ( or can't ) see I removed it. But the idea for the title came from that incongruous element.

Third Floor

So we are in this travel...Taken from place to place, from a time to another. Some days seem to disappear from our minds. They are like the sensation of cold when you walk outdoor under a fucking burning sunny day. You just can't remember how it was. In the other hand we have these haunting memories of happy and pleasant moments. Like ghosts they rise and then vanish away again. The strange thing is the fact that we are incapable to know or see what kind of day today ( or yesterday or tomorrow ) will be to us in the future. A memory to keep or a thing to forget? Well, one thing I know : somethings just ask to be forgotten, but that are the ones we can't ignore...
So we keep on travelling...How far can we go? For greater that is your house, your hometown, your country, your world, there's always the "out there".
We could go up and down and still it seems like we are forever "walking through the third floor"...And we never leave it.

This picture is a proof of how unexpected can be the final result of a work if you are open to some experimentation. The original picture was taken by Grasiele. A few adjustments of colors and then an inversion in the background tones and there it is ! Weird, isn´t it ?
Some notes:

1) All the original pictures used in my works came from a digital camera SONY DSC - S90.

2) I use Photoshop 5 ( yeah, yeah, I know... )

3) The originals are larger than what you'll see when you click on the image. I choose the size 800x600 only to make the visualization faster.

I would like to suggest you a visit to . It's one of my favorite web places. Simple ideas are the best...

Rats On The Ship

I have a theory that there's a connection through everything that esthetically has a real meaning to you. I mean although your favorite music, books, movies, seem to have nothing in common there's a line connecting these things. It's something like a personal puzzle with a hidden but coherent meaning. Here, obviously, I'm talking to those with a real sense for things like these .
Maybe, in my case, I can say this narrow line it's drawn by melancholy. This feeling permeates my existence so it's reflected in my esthetical preferences and it could not be different. Melancholy can appear in many forms and at any moment and it really can be a good companion.
Anyway, maybe I'm just trying to explain how someone can be a fan of Genesis and Dismember ...

"Rats On The Ship" is one of the favorites of my favorite friend.

In The Beginning

Sometimes I think everyone should find a way to escape from reality and somehow try to express for a moment another vision, a personal vision of the things. My reality is not your reality. So, why should we see things the same way ? When you keep individuality and personality it means you keep strength...Maybe a distorted vision is only a personal vision and a way to keep some sanity through this madness...To express this other side is to escape from the real existence. "There is no stronger drug than reality"

As the name indicates this is another work of a dedicated beginner. I like the fight of the colours. They simply don´t want to fit...


colors,images,photography,abstract, photoshop
Well, here is one of my initial works.At the time I was not sure what colors and effects to use.When the work was done I was really surprised.Not bad for an inexperient Photoshop user. In the end I can say I was " learning to fly" ...

What the hell is it all about?

First of all I must say I recently started thinking about a place where I could expose some of my photoshop images and digital pictures and the idea of a blog seems to be a good start. Maybe in the future I have the time and patience to elaborate a complete web site or something like this. Well, as I said here will be posted some of my ( art)works as well as pictures, drawings and who knows what more...some music? It´s definitely possible. The future will tell. I would like to remember that all visual material published here is original.If someone is interested in use some image make contact via e-mail and we can talk about it. So that´s it! Welcome! I hope you enjoy it... and don´t forget to post your comments.

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