Root Mean Square

There are days I'd like to be in another place and time. Most of days I must say. There are days I feel tired. Tired in a strange way. It's a kind of awaken sleep, something like a state of waiting. In this state I can feel every second passing through me. I feel old and in a way I know there something I must have done (what ?) but I didn't ( why?) and the time is running out. We never know, actually, where to go. So why do we keep on going?

I don't know...Perhaps it's time for some "mental medication".

For a certain time this one was a piece full of colours, shinning blues and things like this. Someday I realised that colours was too much...coloured! This new version is darker and a little more...humm...serious. Whatever! Here it is and I like it more now.

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