We run again.As the years grow old and the days leave.We run fast and then faster only to see our footprints being erased behind us. There is this race towards another tomorrow again and again and for what? We spin down into storms of days of fever and sleepless nights.Seconds like insects devouring our seasons of youth. Our seasons of youth.
Run, rabbit run...
I will stand still. Unanimated.
I will be absorbed.
No more running for me.


...The last wave of sanity
Rolls over my frequency
Skyline under water field
The depths above the high seas

A twilight house keeper
Dim-on dim-off now
A concrete cyclops
Blinking down his dull eye
Does this code signal
Something somewhere somehow?
Why me? It goes on and on and on

Please no
Too late for S.O.S.
Mute island, fish-eye view
Circling the border line
No resource, no rescue
I'm stranded, I'm otherwise
The error is perfect
Like this sub-effect
Of my mind...my mind."