What the hell is it all about?

First of all I must say I recently started thinking about a place where I could expose some of my photoshop images and digital pictures and the idea of a blog seems to be a good start. Maybe in the future I have the time and patience to elaborate a complete web site or something like this. Well, as I said here will be posted some of my ( art)works as well as pictures, drawings and who knows what more...some music? It´s definitely possible. The future will tell. I would like to remember that all visual material published here is original.If someone is interested in use some image make contact via e-mail and we can talk about it. So that´s it! Welcome! I hope you enjoy it... and don´t forget to post your comments.

P.S.: Visitantes brasileiros sintam-se à vontade para postar seus comentários em inglês ou português.

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