Third Floor

So we are in this travel...Taken from place to place, from a time to another. Some days seem to disappear from our minds. They are like the sensation of cold when you walk outdoor under a fucking burning sunny day. You just can't remember how it was. In the other hand we have these haunting memories of happy and pleasant moments. Like ghosts they rise and then vanish away again. The strange thing is the fact that we are incapable to know or see what kind of day today ( or yesterday or tomorrow ) will be to us in the future. A memory to keep or a thing to forget? Well, one thing I know : somethings just ask to be forgotten, but that are the ones we can't ignore...
So we keep on travelling...How far can we go? For greater that is your house, your hometown, your country, your world, there's always the "out there".
We could go up and down and still it seems like we are forever "walking through the third floor"...And we never leave it.

This picture is a proof of how unexpected can be the final result of a work if you are open to some experimentation. The original picture was taken by Grasiele. A few adjustments of colors and then an inversion in the background tones and there it is ! Weird, isn´t it ?

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