Life File Verification Done

We pulse to keep the pace
This road of eternal steps, and more and faster steps
Precisely now I am there in the waters of the past
As if I was past myself
Closing mouth of the universal conversation
As if I was the hours raining through rusty days
And carved stones

Not to chase time, but surround the time inside us
And burning fast the leaves of a dead season
Light says ciao to Now in a ghost station
And waves a clandestine goodbye
From dark to darker chapters
Towards the prologue
Of all hesitating and completely constructed life

. . . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .

NOTE: Due to a problem in my scanner machine, for a while I won't be able to digitalize my paintings. So, unfortunately I have give a break in my "Handscapes" series...I've been trying to solve this inconvenient, but due to my lack of time (I've been working a lot these last weeks) I'm afraid it will take some days more. So, I will continue the posts from this point bringing to you some traditional Photo based works. In this moment I'm out of options, but the Handscapes will come back as soon as possible and the collection of paintings will be completed. Stay connected...

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