The ground rises up until it touches our feet
And so we walk to find the ghosts of the summer
Our senses tormented by the sound of the sun
Like larvae of ourselves and children of dead men
In valleys of green fire
. . .
. .

Here we have another strange pair. These twins came from an old picture taken a long time ago.Now I decide to use parts of it to create this two flowing (or floating) images. Somehow they remembered me an old collection of illustrated books I used to read when I was young. Together they were a kind of Encyclopedia with thousands of images and historical notes, from the "cavemen" to the conquest of the moon. Cool! Of course the illustrations were as different from these as a 'hypercube' from a rabbit, what makes we all think: "What the fuck has it to do with this post?".

PS.: The words in this post came out from an old poem I wrote some years ago to use as lyrics to a song. Of course I never get to write a song as weird as this words.I wonder what I was thinking...

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