What are you?
Drawing in shadows
Reflected demon
Walking behind me in nights and summers
In a silent brotherhood we exist
What are you if not me?
There are days when we fight the unquiet battle
And then come days of secret escapes
We stand to watch the same and constant procession of moments
I stop and taste the road and then go back but still I'm there
Your footprints are mine
Brother in the infant days
One will be two
The first
And again the first
For two are one
Doubling me
What are you?
And wich of us has this life?
Am I the ghost of you?
For if I see you I'll Know I'm dead

. . .
. .

I chose "Seventh September" and "Minus Seven" to start my 'Twin Series'. They are like variations on a main theme. I thought of their names when I accidentally found an article or something like a list of persons who have numbers as names. (At least this time I am able to explain the image titles. Obviously, if you consider this an explanation)

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